Our Services


The following services are available to our clients:-

-         Auditing Services

- Statutory Audits

- Special Audits and Reports

-     Taxation Services

-     Accountancy Services

-     Corporate Services

      - Company Secretarial Services

      - Litigation Support Services

      - Management Consultancy Services

      - Corporate Insolvency Services


-         Auditing Services

Statutory Audits

l        audits of annual financial statements of companies in compliance with the Companies Ordinance and other legislations

l        advice to clients on a full range of accounting and auditing matters

l        advice to company directors on their statutory obligations and responsibilities


Special Audits and Reports

l        investigations into irregularities and making recommendations to clients

l        special reports for specific purposes, e.g. valuation of companies and operational assessments

l        special audits for acquisitions, mergers and stock exchange listings


-     Taxation Services

l         acting as clients?tax representatives and preparation and filing of profits tax returns

l         tax planning and advice on tax matters for companies and individuals to minimise their tax liabilities legally

l         stamp duty planning

l         assistance in handling IRD enquiries, tax field audits, tax investigations and appeals

l         preparation and filing of employer’s returns on employees?remuneration and tax returns for individuals

l         preparation and filing of property tax returns

l         preparation and filing of personal assessment returns


-     Accountancy Services

l         maintenance of accounting books and records

l         preparation of periodic and annual financial statements

l         handling of commercial papers, e.g. banking and shipping documents


-     Corporate Services

-  Company Secretarial Services

l        assistance in setting up new companies

l        maintenance of statutory records

l        arranging and attending meetings of directors and shareholders and preparation of minutes

l        filing of statutory documents, e.g. annual returns

l        arrangement of nominee services

l        provision of registered office services

l        preparation of business registration applications

l        advice on liquidation and insolvency matters


-  Litigation Support Services

l        gathering and analysis of financial and accounting information for litigation purposes

l        provision of expert witness services


-  Management Consultancy Services

l        installation of management information systems

l        installation of financial management and control systems

l        search and recruitment of staff

l        other financial advice to management


-  Corporate Insolvency Services

l        advice to lenders and trade creditors on debt recovery

l        assistance to rescue the companies in financial crisis

l        business or debt reorganisation

l        receivership and creditors? voluntary and compulsory liquidations

l        monitoring of the financial performance of troubled companies

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